Catering to Automotive Industry Supply Chains

OEM Supply Chain Solutions

As a trusted partner to OEMs, we deliver a range of services that guarantee efficient and timely production:

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Inbound Parts Management

Strategically managing inbound parts through our cross docks to meet production cut times.

Multi location

Route Optimization

Our continuous improvement team designs route sharing plans, minimizing carbon footprint and reducing costs.


Seamless Mexico Supply Chain

Handling parts flow to and from Mexico, supporting the dynamic nature of the automotive industry.


Precision Sequencing

Recent additions to our service portfolio include sequencing parts to the line side at the right time and correct sequencing.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 Solutions

For Automotive Part Producers-Tier 1 and Tier 2, we offer flexible 
and cost-effective solutions:

solutions assets

Asset-Based Milkrun

Our customers can share Carter Express trucks for daily pick-ups, maximizing cube efficiency and reducing costs.

solutions streamlined

Streamlined Reverse Logistics

Efficiently managing racking and returnable containers back to suppliers, eliminating offloading at customer docks.

solutions improvement support

Continuous Improvement Support

Access to our dedicated Continuous Improvement team, collaborating to drive daily cost savings in your supply chain.


Just-In-Time Delivery

Supplementing our services with truckload options, using our assets or contracted carriers' assets, to meet Just-In-Time delivery requirements.

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