Sustainability at Carter Express & Carter Logistics: A Commitment to our Planet

Reducing carbon footprintscloud about
Route Optimization

Reducing Carbon Footprints

At Carter, we recognize the critical role of reducing CO2 emissions in combating climate change. By continually optimizing our routes, we significantly diminish fuel consumption and subsequently lower our emissions. It's an approach that benefits our customers, our business, and most importantly, our planet.

Advancing Green Technology

Electrifying Our Fleet

At our Huntsville Crossdock, our forklift fleet is already 100% battery-electric—a standard we're set to achieve across all locations by 2025. We operate three battery-electric yard trucks and are actively investigating expanding this fleet. Additionally, we're keeping a close eye on the advancements in electric over-the-road tractors, ensuring Carter Express stays at the forefront of sustainable operations.

Electrifying our fleet
Fuel Efficiency
The Lift Axle Advantage

Fuel Efficiency

At Carter Express, we're committed to sustainability. Our Carter Express Trucks utilize a lift axle system, enhancing fuel efficiency by reducing friction and improving miles per gallon (MPG) when carrying lighter loads (less than 18,000 pounds). This innovation not only cuts fuel costs but also reduces emissions, aligning with our dedication to a greener future.

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Want to know more about how our consolidation routes not only save money but also contribute to a greener planet? Explore our case studies to see the tangible impact Carter's sustainable solutions can have on your operations and your carbon footprint.