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Reducing carbon footprints

Leveraging Decades of Expertise in Logistics Management

At Carter Logistics, we offer a smooth and efficient experience, backed by our experienced and cohesive management team. Our meticulous focus on planning optimizes driver hours and route efficiency, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.

Explore a Variety of Opportunities

As we seek to establish long-lasting, productive relationships with our contracted carriers, we extend a range of offers:

  • Dedicated Opportunities
  • Consistent Lanes & Volumes
  • Continuous Growth Opportunities
  • Power-Only Options
  • Lanes throughout the USA, Canada, & Mexico
Electrifying our fleet
Fuel Efficiency

Prompt Payments – We Value Your Time

We understand the importance of cash flow for our contracted carriers. Therefore, we ensure you benefit from our accelerated payment options.

Carter Logistics values your growth and success!

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"Since 2022, we've experienced the family-like atmosphere of Carter Logistics. They surpass expectations, ensuring smooth transactions and dependable deliveries. We're excited for the long journey ahead with Carter."

Sangha Transport LLC


"Our collaboration with Carter Logistics has significantly advanced our business. They exceed demands with innovative technology, personalized interaction, and round-the-clock communication. We anticipate a bright future with Carter, even amid challenges."

Zeal Carriers LLC


"Carter's team provides 24/7 support, extensive knowledge, fair pricing, and outstanding service. We trust Carter for reliable cargo handling and optimal rates. They are our preferred partner."

SI Logistics LLC


"Carter Logistics is a trustworthy partner in all circumstances - be it good or bad. They're a delight to work with in every aspect of trucking."

Empire Freight Systems Inc

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