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Empowering Diversity

Empowering Diversity in a Collaborative Culture

Being part of the Carter team means becoming integral to a collaborative, inclusive culture that celebrates diversity.

We value your ideas, expertise, and unique perspectives that shape our strategies and secure our success.

As a four-time recipient of the Women in Trucking "Top Company for Women to Work for in Transportation" award, we're committed to fostering an environment where everyone can thrive.

Impactful Work

Every role at Carter plays a crucial part in our mission to deliver exceptional logistics solutions.

From analysts shaping data-driven decisions to customer service professionals creating positive experiences, your work will have a meaningful impact on our customers, partners, and industry.

Impactful Work
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Ready to take the next step in your career? Join Carter and embark on a journey of professional growth, impactful work, and collaborative achievement.

Discover the benefits of being a valued team member – a team that's defining the future of logistics.

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Driver Managers
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Customer Service
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National Account Managers (Brokerage)
Brokerage Team
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Help Desk
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General Ledger
Human Resources
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HR Generalist and Associates
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Driver Recruiting & Safety
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Safety Training & Coaching
Corporate Compliance
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Analyst & Continuous Improvement
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Transportation Analyst
Continuous Improvement Associates
Building Maintenance
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Facility Maintenance
Sales, Marketing, & Pricing
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Marketing Associates
Sales Managers
Pricing Analyst
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Crossdock Managers/Supervisors

"I never really understood why people call their workplace their second home until I started working at Carter Express.  The best thing about working at Carter Express is the opportunity the company has given me for growth and advancement.  There have been times when I was pushed to my limits only to find out how much more potential I had.  I enjoy coming in daily, knowing I have a great team behind me and a management team caring about our success."

Chasitie, Assistant Operations Manager


"Having spent two decades at Carter Express, I can wholeheartedly affirm that it's not just a workplace but a second home. The strong family-oriented atmosphere here has provided me with an environment that fosters professional and personal growth. What truly sets Carter Express apart is the dedicated and passionate team I'm a part of, which truly feels like a second family. The staff and management are truly exceptional. Their unwavering dedication, passion, and camaraderie make every day a joy. We share a common goal – delivering top-notch service – and this shared commitment makes every day at Carter Express fulfilling and inspiring. Carter Express is not just a workplace, but a great place to thrive."

Alicia, Customer Service


"Have you ever walked into a company and felt like you had worked there for 20 years? Carter Express is one of those true companies that has always made its employees feel at home and relevant. I have always admired the “Open Door Policy” they have built as a cornerstone and welcoming any employee to go in and sit down with the Executive Team. Carter Express is a company that does care and is open to employee recommendations for how to improve the business model. Carter Express has a lot of very valued employees that genuinely want the business to succeed and demonstrate that in the quality of work day in and day out. I have really enjoyed my time with this company for 15 plus years, and I plan to stay another 15 years."

Kirtis, Assistant Director of Continuous Improvement

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Embrace Growth and Excellence

At Carter, we're not just offering roles but inviting you to embrace a career marked by growth, innovation, and excellence. Join our team of dedicated professionals and find your place in an environment that values your unique skills and contributions.