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Innovative Solutions for Modern Manufacturing 

Carter's Milkrun service provides reliable set deliveries that reduce dock congestion, incorporate reverse logistics, and actively promote continuous improvement initiatives—all in line with lean best practices. 

Dynamic Milkrun routes are assessed weekly to optimize inbound and outbound cube utilization.

Delivered by our team of over 500 Carter Express drivers and supported by 15 continuous improvement analysts, we ensure quality service that meets your needs effectively and efficiently. 

Advantages of Carter's Shared Milkrun

Our Shared Milkrun service offers numerous advantages that contribute to more efficient and cost-effective operations: 

  • Scheduled Pick-Up Windows: Enjoy reliable and convenient pick-up schedules to streamline your supply chain operations.
  • Strategically Placed Consolidation Centers: Our consolidation centers are generally within 300 miles of our customers' suppliers. These strategic locations reduce the amount of handling of your freight that often comes with traditional LTL.
  • Real-time Tracking: Gain complete visibility into your shipments with real-time tracking, ensuring transparency and control throughout the process.
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North America Leading Asset Based Milkrun

  • Enhanced supply chain efficiency
  • Support for just-in-time manufacturing
  • Optimal cube utilization
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Returnable container management
  • Extension of Companies’ Supply Chain

Elevate Your Efficiency with Carter's Shared Milkrun

With Carter's Shared Milkrun, you're not just choosing a shipping service - you're choosing a partner committed to maximizing your efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

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Explore Our Success Stories

Learn from our past triumphs. Visit our Case Studies page to discover how Carter's Shared Milkrun solutions have propelled businesses forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your value-add versus traditional LTL deliveries? 
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Carter Shared Milkrun was designed to support lean manufacturing.
  • High On-Time Delivery: Our Milkrun deliveries achieved an impressive 98% on-time delivery rate in 2023, based on17,500 with 17,150 on-time. In contrast, LTL carriers average 90% on-time, according to “The Logistics of Logistics.”
  • Enhanced Visibility: Our dock manifest allows for visibility of all products en route to our customer’s plants.
  • Reverse Logistics: When your product is packaged in returnable containers, we employ reverse logistics to reduce transportation costs and ensure a steady flow of containers back to your suppliers.
  • Reduced Deliveries: By consolidating all suppliers' deliveries through our network of cross docks, we minimize the number of deliveries at your plant, resulting in lower labor costs and improved dock door utilization.
What is different in Carter’s Milkrun versus other service providers? 
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  • Asset Control: Unlike many consolidators, we utilize Carter Express assets and drivers for picking up and delivering consolidated freight, which allows for greater flexibility in managing routes and improved on-time delivery percentage.
How does Carter create routes?
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Creating efficient routes is vital, and we focus on optimizing cube utilization:
  • Key Criteria: We consider factors such as average cube utilization, DOT hours of service, cross-dock locations, and pick-up times to maximize efficiency.
  • Continuous Improvement: Our continuous improvement specialists review routing to ensure routes are both safe and aligned with suppliers' shipping hours.
How does Carter manage its carbon footprint?
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We take significant steps to reduce our carbon footprint:
  • Efficient Fleet: Carter Express post-2017 truck specifications include lift axle tractors, nitrogen in our tires, and skirts on all trailers, all of which improve MPG emissions and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Shared Consolidation: Through shared consolidation of our clients' freight, we develop routes that save up to 25% of wasted miles compared to dedicated networks.
  • Electric Vehicles: Carter Express is investing in electric shunt trucks and transitioning our forklifts to electric at our cross docks.
How do lean manufacturing processes impact Carter’s service offerings?
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  • Quick Deliveries: Carter's cross-dock network allows us to deliver products quickly, meeting your low inventory and just-in-time delivery requirements.
  • Continuous Improvement: We inspect each route's cube utilization, identify inefficiencies, and work closely with customers to eliminate waste, ultimately reducing costs.
How does Carter come up with cost savings for its customers?
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We have a dedicated Continuous Improvement team that actively identifies cost-saving opportunities:
  • Route Optimization: We analyze and suggest re-routes to improve cube utilization and minimize overflow due to supplier issues.
  • Supplier Collaboration: Our team communicates with clients to address supplier-related issues and collaborates on long-term solutions to reduce costs.