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Forklift Operator - 
An Integral Part of Our Success

At Carter Express, we value our Forklift Operators as crucial members of our team. As you operate sit-down forklifts in our dynamic Crossdock Operations, you'll experience a vibrant and empowering work environment.

We provide ample opportunities for growth and development, ensuring you excel in your role and beyond.

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Why Choose Carter 
as a Forklift Operator?

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Room to Grow

We foster a continuous learning and development culture, supporting your professional growth and advancement within the company.

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Vibrant Culture

At Carter, we're more than just a workplace - we're a family. Our team-oriented environment encourages collaboration and mutual support.

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Contribute to Success

As a Forklift Operator, you'll play an essential role in manufacturing popular vehicle brands, directly impacting our success.

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Diesel Technician - Empowering Our Fleet for Excellence

Join Carter Express as a Diesel Mechanic and take pride in keeping our drivers safe on the road. Our empowering work culture will value and celebrate Your skills and expertise.

We provide the tools and support needed to excel in your career, making you a vital part of our mission for excellence.

Diesel Technician

Why Choose Carter as a Diesel Technician?

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for Advancement

Carter offers a clear career growth and advancement path, recognizing and rewarding your dedication to excellence.

Multi location

Supportive Culture

Our team is like a close-knit family, where collaboration and teamwork thrive, and all member's contributions are valued.

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Impactful Role

As a Diesel Technician, you'll directly contribute to our fleet's optimal performance, ensuring our drivers can deliver with confidence.

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Skill Enhancement

Carter invests in your training and development, equipping you with advanced skills to tackle diverse challenges in your role.

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Join our empowering culture at Carter Express.

Where you'll find room to grow, a supportive community, and an opportunity to impact our success significantly. Take the next step in your career!