February 19, 2017

Japanese OEM Plant Onsite Yard Management

Carter Building Overview

Project Description:

Carter Express was contracted to manage all yard and last mile transportation moves for a large Japanese OEM in the southeast. The project includes both the plant location and the on-site warehouse. The warehouse consists of 2 million sq. ft. , 222 dock height doors, and a trailer lot that holds up to 500 trailers. Transportation moves consist of yard to door trailer placement and around 400 daily shuttles to the assembly plant.


During process investigation, Carter Express recognized that all yard activities were operated without centralized control:

  • Drivers were receiving instructions from up to 20 different sources without a single point of prioritization or escalation.
  • There was a lack of any standard work instructions or KPl's to assist employees with job training & decision making.
  • Ultimately, the transportation operation was simply putting out fires instead of proactively planning based on a schedule.


  • Carter Express on-boarded 137 drivers, many of which transferred from the incumbent service provider. Carter designed a proprietary yard management software (YMS) that allows an upload of daily production schedule.
  • By utilizing the customer schedule. Carter Express can now make data driven decisions about load priority and staffing needs by hour.
  • The YMS has also centralized all driver communication through one dispatch center.
  • The customer can log-into the YMS to view live load tracking & on-time performance metrics.

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